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Save the dateOctober 7 & 8, 2022 GMT-3
Contact Person: Luciane Feitosa
Event Details
Event Details

The 1st International Seminar on Sports Law of the Portuguese Language, will promote themes in a Global way, with a lot of content through panels with big names in the market.

A Realization of the National Academy of Sports Law (ANDD) and the Youth Commission of the Academy (ANDDJ), together with the FPF Academia; and with the participation of the Portuguese Sports Law Association (APDD) and the Young Portuguese Language Lawyers (JALP).

Event that will provide intense debates. The event is transversal and for 3 days it will face the most current themes of Sports Law.

It is impossible to stay out of this Seminar!

  • Day 1

    October 7, 2022

  • Day 2

    October 8, 2022

  • Terence Zveiter

    Terence Zveiter

  • Mauricio Corrêa Da Veiga

    Mauricio Corrêa Da Veiga

  • Gabriel Caputo

    Gabriel Caputo

  • Francisco Goes Pinheiro

    Francisco Goes Pinheiro

  • José Miguel Sampaio e Nora

    José Miguel Sampaio e Nora

  • Reinaldo Carneiro Bastos (Presidente da Federação Paulista de Futebol)

    Reinaldo Carneiro Bastos

    Presidente da Federação Paulista de Futebol

  • Bichara Abidão Neto

    Bichara Abidão Neto

  • Roberto de Palma Barracco

    Roberto de Palma Barracco

  • Pedro Sousa

    Pedro Sousa

  • Gonçalo Malheiro

    Gonçalo Malheiro

  • Lúcio Correia

    Lúcio Correia

  • Rosalia Ortega

    Rosalia Ortega

  • Amanda Borer

    Amanda Borer

  • Aline Peitl

    Aline Peitl

  • Raquel Moura Tavares

    Raquel Moura Tavares

  • Paulo Sérgio Feuz

    Paulo Sérgio Feuz

  • Bruno Coaracy

    Bruno Coaracy

  • Ana Mizutori

    Ana Mizutori

  • Gustavo Delbin (Vice-presidente at Federação Paulista de Futebol)

    Gustavo Delbin

    Vice-presidente at Federação Paulista de Futebol

  • Gustavo Lopes Pires de Souza

    Gustavo Lopes Pires de Souza

  • Luiz Marcondes

    Luiz Marcondes

  • Karel Nobre

    Karel Nobre

  • Joana Mota Agostinho

    Joana Mota Agostinho

  • Pedro Holzer e Brito

    Pedro Holzer e Brito

  • Pedro Cortez

    Pedro Cortez

  • Raquel Moura Tavares

    Raquel Moura Tavares

  • Sofia Teles

    Sofia Teles

  • Miguel Vasconcelos de Sousa

    Miguel Vasconcelos de Sousa

  • Rui Carvalho

    Rui Carvalho

  • José Mendes

    José Mendes

  • Marcos Ulhoa

    Marcos Ulhoa

  • Márcia Martinho

    Márcia Martinho

  • Luis Cassiano Neves

    Luis Cassiano Neves

  • Maria Novo Baptista

    Maria Novo Baptista

  • Ana Margarida Marques

    Ana Margarida Marques

  • Victor Eleuterio

    Victor Eleuterio

  • Ricardo Miguel

    Ricardo Miguel

  • Nicholas Bocchi

    Nicholas Bocchi

  • Ricardo Cardoso

    Ricardo Cardoso

  • Luciano Pinheiro

    Luciano Pinheiro

  • Udo Seckelmann

    Udo Seckelmann

  • Fernanda Chamusca

    Fernanda Chamusca

  • Mauricio Corrêa Da Veiga

    Mauricio Corrêa Da Veiga

  • Lucas Barbosa

    Lucas Barbosa

  • Pedro Mattei

    Pedro Mattei

  • Terence Zveiter

    Terence Zveiter

  • Juliana Dias Avezum

    Juliana Dias Avezum

  • Luis Guilherme Zainaghi

    Luis Guilherme Zainaghi

  • Antônio Júlio Nunes

    Antônio Júlio Nunes

  • Andre Galdeano

    Andre Galdeano

  • Andrei Kampff

    Andrei Kampff

  • Gisele Cesário Cabrera

    Gisele Cesário Cabrera

  • Nuno Santos Rocha

    Nuno Santos Rocha

  • Sergio Coimbra Castanheira

    Sergio Coimbra Castanheira

  • Ricardo Henriques Tomás

    Ricardo Henriques Tomás

  • Fernando Veiga Gomes

    Fernando Veiga Gomes

  • Egas Viegas (JALP)

    Egas Viegas


  • Gonçalo Malheiro

    Gonçalo Malheiro

Sponsors and Partners
Sponsors and Partners

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